"The secret of true happiness
is found in the creative process
of living out your dreams now,
in the knowledge that you'll
leave this world with no regrets."

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Portraiture, Interiors, Still-life, landscape, these are my passions and the vehicles through which I express my lifelong fascination with the amazing variety found in people, in places and in the natural environment. I quote Sam Hunter in his essay on Marino Marini;

For him, the sculptural portrait was not only likeness, capturing the true appearance of an individual as well as his idiosyncrasies, but also a means of tapping into the eternal.




Likeness and essence, a moment in time which draws us into the realm of timelessness, this is the true joy of portraiture, as it is of all true art.

Inspired by David Hockney, I have lately discovered in the iPad a wonderful medium for carrying both dazzling and subtle colour and a vast range of options for drawn or painted marks and lines. I believe this new technology to be particularly adapted to illustrative styles.

In painting you need the hand. Art is a more difficult subject and it might be more difficult to define. But painting is reasonably easy to define. And I’d say you need three things: the hand, the eye and the heart, as the Chinese say.  David Hockney

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