Day 1: 29th November

I arrived at SFO airport and was kindly met by our wonderful exhibition organizer Mairia Cerrone. First stop, lunch with our Friends Caroline and Kate. then a visit to The Legion of Honour by Lands End. Incredible French architecture and stunning views across the bay. This is the permanent home of the Rodin collection here in San Fran. Today they were putting on a wonderful temporary exhibition of Klimt paintings. It always amazes me how loose and expressive Klimt’s paintings are. Such beautiful colour flow.

Day 2: 30th November

Today I spent the whole day walking around exploring San Franscisco town center. The light was incredible! Finishing off the evening overlooking The Golden Gate Bridge as the sun went down. It’s a wonderful city of contrasts. Must return for longer next time just to paint it.


  1. Hi Adam … ALL ALA STUDENTS are reading this with me now. Here are their greeting to you: hi this is
    Abby i hope you have a great time their we really miss you. Hey its Emma i hope that you had a good art show. Hey Adam its castor I hope you have been having a good time, I am finally ahead!! Hey Adam! Hope you are having a great time! Good luck with your opening night!hi Adam it is mason good luck with the opening! hi this is ADEN wish you luck with your show. Hi Adam, it’s Connor. Hope you are having a great time. Good Luck!!! :)Hi there from Francine… you sure are missed … a few of the students wanted to post their good wishes to you. All is very well at ALA and the kids were amazing as usual today. I hope you have one seriously amazing and awesome opening night! Big hugs from TEAM ALA!

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