From Creative Barriers to Breakthroughs 7-Step Coaching

Let me introduce myself. I’m a fine artist who exhibits and sells his work on an international level. Using the insights from my own life journey,  I’ve developed the From Barriers to Breakthroughs 7-Step Guide that I use to coach artists from around the world. I regularly to The Huffington Post, where I write on the theme of the creative process, with a focus on the mobile digital medium. I’m also an expert guest instructor with the online academy.

Through the coaching, I help artists breakthrough their daily creative barriers so that they can achieve the recognition they deserve.

In a fast moving digital era where there’s too much information and too many choices, more than ever, creative individuals need guidance on how to stay focused on their individual practices. This is essential if they want to gain mastery in their craft as well as to touch their audience in a meaningful way.

Do you have it in you
to be a serious artist?

Feeling overwhelmed?

Technology can be a double edge sword. It has to serve us, not the other way around!

We need less distractions! We need to pay better attention to achieving our goals!

If we so choose, the iPad and other digital mobile devices can be used as powerful tools in our daily creative process.

In this era of mass distraction, the barriers and challenges artists face can seem crippling.

Many artists:

  • Suffer negative-talk that kills creativity;
  • Feel trapped, isolated and confused;
  • Lack discipline, professional habits or clarity;
  • Cannot afford start-up or maintenance costs;
  • Want to keep creating even if they are physically challenged;
  • Experience creative block;
  • Struggle to keep up with change;
  • Need help in developing, recording and sharing their story;
  • Feel that they need to get out of the studio and work while they are on the move; and
  • Have made a career change and want to reconnect with their creativity.

Honestly, I’ve already gone through, or am continuing to experience, all of these barriers.

Need help
turning obstacles
into a rock solid
creative process?

Now that I’ve successfully taken the leap from being an amateur to a professional artist, I’ve learned that these barriers are normal and, in fact, they give us vital clues to developing our uniqueness as an artist.

In response to popular demand, I’ve set up the Barriers to Breakthroughs initiative, through which I’ll provide personalised coaching on how artists can take these successful steps to achieving the recognition they want.

As you may have read on my About Page or in my regular Huffington Post articles, I’ve an extensive background in education. I was an award winning head of the visual arts in one of the top inner London Art Specialist Academies for over 12 years. During this time, I lead on the use of the iPad as a creative learning tool and this provided me with a wealth of practical knowledge and experience on the best methods of mentoring students into becoming independent learners. 

Now, as a professional full-time artist, I’ve specialized in using the iPad as the central tool in my own practice.

I now create more than ever before and several unforeseen opportunities have opened up for me. I want to share my experience and give back to our community as a way of showing my gratitude for the success I’ve achieved.

Who is the
suitable for?
What outcomes
can you expect?

Barriers to Breakthroughs, is designed for aspiring amateur and professional artists who want to take their practice to the next level.

A suitable coachee will already have an intermediate to advanced level of experience in their respective artistic genres.

This programme is made for artists who are willing to make that extra commitment in their practice and need personalised guidance to achieve their creative goals. It’s important to understand that I don’t focus on the business aspect of art. In fact, my coaching expertise lies at the heart of The Creative Process. It’s because too many artists ignore the importance of getting the creative process right first in order to achieve the long term recognition they deserve.

As I mentioned before, I would love to help you develop an authentic and unique practice that will take you to the next level. I want to emphasise that this is your creative practice. Through my years of teaching, I have learned that I can create the most value as a facilitator for your own independent learning.

I don’t want to teach students a fixed style; rather, I prefer to guide and inspire students to develop their own areas of expertise. In doing so, the students create their own story. This method is very valuable – being able to reflect on, record and share your story with your collectors or audience is a large part of a robust creative process.

As you progress:

  • You will be given clear steps to overcoming the barriers that stop you from achieving creative breakthroughs
  • You can expect to start moving seamlessly between digital and traditional mediums
  • You’ll establish much clearer creative direction and focus.
  • You’ll start to use the digital medium effortlessly and confidently alongside traditional making processes. 
  • You’ll build a more purposeful online presence
  • You’ll learn how to build a following by effectively sharing your unique story over social media and other online platforms
  • You’ll learn how to digitally archive and present your work to a professional level
  • You’ll establish those essential professional creative habits
  • You’ll learn how to forge lasting collaborations

Programme Outline


Through our one-on-one online sessions, I’ll provide personalised tuition on how best to use the ‘From Barriers  Breakthroughs’ 7-Step Guide in your own practice. We’ll use it to:

  • identify your creative barriers and use them as key functions in establishing a rock solid process  
  • unleash your unique creative story and share it with a global audience
  • create value and gain the recognition you deserve

Coaching Structure

  • You’ll be offered 75-minute one-on-one consultations over Skype.
  • You’ll have access to me through email during work hours
  • You’ll be emailed session notes and suggested actions following each video calling session
  • I’ll send you my structured questions in plenty of time for our meetings
  • You can schedule a session at any time during the programme.



“Adam has been a true artist mentor for me. I have health issues that keep me from being able to paint easily with oil. I saw digital painting as a way to continue painting, but I had no real direction. I emailed Adam, signed up for his online one-on-one coaching sessions, and he has been providing exactly what I needed in helping me to focus.

He prepares each Skype session individually for my needs. This is not a cookie cutter set of lectures. I have to get involved and think by answering written questions prior to each session. He uses these questions and email conversations to design each session.

Adam is very attentive to my needs as a developing artist, he really enjoys teaching, and relishes in my progress. After each session he sends me a summary the important points of the session and exercises to do before our next meeting. He encouraged me to email him any time with my progress or with any problems I am experiencing. I take advantage of this and as a result, I always have a solid sounding board.

In just a couple of months I have made a huge amount of progress, not only my technique, but in my development as an artist. I can now easily paint or sketch using digital techniques. I can also seamlessly move between oil painting, pencil sketching, and the digital world. An entire new world has open up for me; not only can I now easily work in the digital mediums, but my oil painting has improved, and I have a direction and set goals as a developing artist. I am now able to start telling my story with confidence.”

John Hanekamp

Coaching Packages

Package 1:

1 x 75-minute one-on-one coaching sessions + unlimited follow-up email access for two weeks.

Package 2:

4 x 75-minute one-on-one coaching sessions + unlimited weekday email access (to be used any time within a two month period).

Package 3:

6 x 75-minute one-on-one coaching sessions + unlimited weekday email access, including one free session (to be used any time within a three month period).


Book your free 45 minute discovery call to find out if one of my coaching packages would be a good fit for you.

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