I specialize in using the the iPad and other new light-based technologies to create my commissioned artworks, while valuing and upholding traditional drawing skills that result from rigour, discipline and many years of training and practice. 

Innovative painting tools such as the iPad, allow me to be much more mobile and work very quickly, without losing the quality or skill found in the process of a successful painting. The final outcome can be finished digitally as a giclee print or using the oil medium on canvass.

With the restraints on people’s time that modern life brings, I have found that new technology allows me the freedom of completing a commission with or without me being in front of the actual subject. In fact, I can create a unique commission from anywhere in the world.

I often work from memory using a selection of drawings and photographic references.

A Truly Rewarding Experience

Commissioning a one off original piece of fine art for yourself or someone else may seem like a purely luxurious and time consuming process that only a few can benefit from. It certainly is a very personal and thoughtful process. The resulting artwork is something to be lived with, enjoyed and reflected upon and will ultimately be handed down for the enjoyment of future generations. However, the process need not be overwhelming. In fact, my client testimonials show that collectors of my work have found the process very rewarding indeed.


A portrait offered as a present or surprise gift, can be done with or without a live sitting, if I am provided with suitable images and/or using online video calling tools such as Skype. A portrait can be a great way of celebrating marriages, anniversaries, birthdays, memorials, coming of age or simply fun ways of creating a more permanent record of a memory or moment.

Landscapes and interiors 

Clients may also commission a landscape or interior painting from me. These can be a great way of capturing a family home or a place that holds special meaning to the collector.

It is part of my job to help make this a unique, comfortable and exciting venture for all involved. I feel very privileged to work with and get to know people and ultimately create something that they will cherish and value for many years to come.

Once you decide
to commission a
unique work of art

Clients usually contact me though email with their specific requests, outlining initial ideas and reasons for the commission. During an initial free consultation by phone or skype, the client’s ideas are discussed. These are then developed through a series of sketches. Once these are agreed on, a pricing estimate can be given. Prices vary according to the size of the work and the cost of the materials and finishing.

Although changes may occur during the process of the project, the final approved sketch provides a blueprint for the finished work and serves as a contract between artist and client. Each case is very different, however, a standard iPad painting commission will typically take up to three to four weeks from initial meeting to final delivery and a standard oil painting commission, up to three to four months.


A Digital Image

In the same way as professional photographers work, the original iPad painting can be purchased as a digital file. This can avoid the often unnecessary national or international costs of shipping and delivery and allows the collector to take full ownership of the way the artwork is displayed.

The digital artwork is delivered through ascribe directly using email (Using the latest blockchain technology) which ensures legal ownership.

Included in the purchase:

  • Initial free consultation
  • HD image
  • Your certificate of authenticity
  • Free printing and display advice

A Giclee Print or Oil Painting

A hand signed giclee print or oil painting of the original image can also be made, the size and finish of which can be agreed with the collector. 

Included in the purchase:

  • Initial free consultation
  • Hand signed artwork
  • Your certificate of authenticity
  • Free display advice

A full bespoke printing, finishing and international shipping and delivery service is available on request.

Please have a look at some examples of actual commissions in the blog posts below and CONTACT me today to discuss the commission of a unique portrait!

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