Adam James Butcher

Adam James Butcher is an artist who specialises in portrait sculpture. Since graduating from Wimbledon School of Art in 1989, Butcher has divided his time between exhibiting, carrying out private commissions and teaching. 

The following quote by Sam Hunter in his essay on Marino Marini sums up Butcher's view of sculpture perfectly: "For him, the sculptural portrait was not only likeness, capturing the true appearance of an individual as well as his idiosyncrasies, but also a means of tapping into the eternal". Sculpture for Butcher is specialised and quite a luxurious thing. Butcher is keen to explore the face in abstraction through an extreme close up. A play of the eye and the expanse of vision will be experimented with, such as how the eye focuses and to what extent abstraction is able to maintain a semblance of recognition. 

Butcher's drawings and paintings have a more casual, impromptu air to them. His style can be seen as illustrative, yet, like his sculpture, an uncanny likeness is always present within all his works.


Butcher is an artist who works with a variety of mediums, however, currently he has shifted his focus to using the iPad as an effective tool for recording what he sees. Butcher feels that it is important to work alongside new technological advancements as this brings forth a contemporary feel to the art practice today. Butcher’s iPad works often capture the passing of a fleeting moment, his silent presence allowing him to capture an unplanned narrative. 

the use of photographs have never an option for Butcher, not because he doesn’t believe in photography as a valid media, but simply because he sees the two ways of recording as producing completely different outcomes. Butcher is very influenced by the Impressionist style, Pierre Bonnard being among his favourite painters. Bonnard’s ability to see the beauty in the ordinary fascinates Butcher. In a more contemporary sense, Butcher is a big fan of artists such as Andrew Gifford, Lucian Freud and David Hockney, especially with their honest relationship to light and colour in which abstraction occurs.

Previous exhibitions of his include:

Merton Arts Trail (Open Studios), London October 2013

Haute Presents ‘A Winter’s Day’, Berlin March 2014

Haute Presents ‘Vernissage’ at GH36 Gallery, Berlin  Sep 2104